Coffee Meet-Ups – Omaha, NE

At 10:00 a.m., we will host a virtual coffee meet-up on Zoom. Ice-breaker- style questions will help families to meet one another and find common topics of interest.

Coffee and Conversation – Lincoln, NE

Connect Readings

A great event where deaf and hard-of-hearing children listen to storytime, interpreters sign, and readers tell stories simultaneously.

Virtual Connect Readings are hosted on Zoom.

Job Opportunities

Guide-By-Your-Side Parent Guide positions available. 

Please find the Job Application and Position Description by clicking on the links.  

National Hands & Voices Resources

New Resource: “Engaging in Your Child’s Education at Home”
Audience: Family Leaders, FBOs, and EHDI Program (HRSA-20-047) Recipients

Now more than ever, parents need practical tips for supporting their child’s learning at home. Hands & Voices has responded by creating a Parent Tips Sheet “Engaging in Your Child’s Education at Home.” This tool can also be found on the H&V COVID-19 page and the ASTra Educational Advocacywebsite.
New H&V Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Landing Pages
Audience: Family Leaders, FBOs, and EHDI Program (HRSA-20-047) Recipients

The staff and family of Hands & Voices and the H&V FL3 Center has been looking at how we as individuals and as an organization need to change, respond, and influence systems. We are pleased to introduce you to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) landing pages. 

Now more than ever there are a lot of good resources available, so what makes the H&V landing pages unique? 

You will have the opportunity to meet the new H&V Consultant to support Diversity, Inclusion and Innovations, Rosabel Agbayani.
Gather insight and perspectives from H&V friends out in the world. 
Incorporate our own improvement work and change into working with H&V chapters on systematic changes.
View a special presentation by Michael and Djenne-amal Morris, captioned in English and Spanish

Every person is creative, resourceful and whole, however our world doesn’t always recognize that. As parents, providers and Deaf/hard of hearing adults we know and understand the value in seeing deaf/hard of hearing children as creative, resourceful and whole. We seek to expand that belief to all people. 

This is the beginning. There is more to come -translations into other languages, resources specific to all families with D/hh children and families, work for chapters to explore and more.

We look forward to your insight as well. Drop us a line through the diversity address at the end of the landing pages. — 
New Pediatrics Supplement: “Pragmatics in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children”
Audience: Family Leaders, FBOs, and EHDI Program (HRSA-20-047) Recipients

Pediatrics, Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, has published a supplement focused onPragmatics in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children. The purpose of this collection of papers is to underscore the importance of attending to the development of pragmatic skills in children who are D/HH. Pragmatic skills, including the ability to use language in social contexts and in relationship with others, as well as to understand shared meaning, are critical for development, learning, and well-being. D/HH children have been shown to have delays in pragmatic skills even in the absence of overall language challenges. This supplement includes a variety of articles, each exploring a key aspect of pragmatic development, providing new insights into differences, strengths, and potential areas of vulnerability for D/HH children. Proud of our colleagues who spearheaded the effort and honored to have H&V contributors!

Virtual Webinars/Classes for D/HH

Brought to the community by Metro Regional Program, signing is here!
American Sign Language (ASL) Virtual Classes
Mondays, beginning January 25, 2021-March 15, 2021
LEVEL I – 6:00-7:00 p.m. CST
LEVEL II – 7:00-7:45 p.m. CST
Signed Exact English (SEE) Virtual Classes
Tuesdays, beginning January 26, 2021-March 16, 2021
LEVEL I – 6:00-7:00 p.m. CST
LEVEL II – 7:00-7:45 p.m. CST

Register by January 20, 2021 to take part in Spring Sign Classes: https://forms.gle/qzp24qwswNntGmpJ9 . Contact mbrummer@esu3.org with any questions.

Virtual Gab and Grow

Which Organization: Southeast Nebraska Regional Programs
Audience: Grades 5-8
Dates: January 20, February 22, March 22, April 21, May 17
Register: https://forms.gle/WiQp3TrZw9tHFb3w7
Local: YES
Will Parker will be leading these chats, and attendees will build social skills, communication, and self-advocacy.  Please contact Linsday Hinzmann, SNRP Coordinator, if you have any questions or concerns: lhinzma@lps.org.

Gallaudet University Webinar

Gallaudet University is thrilled to announce that the institution is starting a new Youth Programs Webinar Series for this COVID-19-impacted school year. Most webinars are livestreamed via the Gallaudet Facebook page.

myASLTech Trainings

What: myASLTech is an assistive technology that helps students who are deaf or hard of hearing understand their learning objectives by translating major concepts into visual graphics that D/HH kiddos easily comprehend. Get the technology free for two weeks!
When: Tuesday, January 26, 2021
3:00-4:00 p.m. CST
Where: Zoom
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 958 2562 5107
Passcode: 236206
Want to learn more? 
Visit: http://www.idrt.com/asltech_home.php
If you click on the More Info! buttons on any of the 9 myASLTech tools, you can see a demo of that tool in action.There are also a quick review and a full-hour tutorial available by at the bottom of the screen.

NCHAM Webinar on Assistive Technologies and Reduced-Cost Resources for D/HH Families

An increasing number of EHDI resources are becoming “green” (paperless) or virtual, but that means families with limited access to internet may be left in the dust. This presentation will share immediately usable information about free or affordable technology access that is available to families with lower socio-economic status. This technology access is required/funded by the federal government, and often is not common knowledge among early intervention professionals. Did you know that families may be qualified for free or $10 a month wireless internet? Did you know that parents may qualify for a $10 a month cell phone bill? Free iPads? This company-neutral presentation by a national advocacy organization is strictly focused on providing information on all major telecommunications companies’ offers as mandated/provided by federal law. Come and learn more so you can support your families with teleintervention (including virtual learning, apps, webinars) and more wonderful electronic resources out there!

  • When: Thursday, January 21, 2021
  • 1:00-2:00 p.m. CST
  • Where: AdobeConnect

Where: Adobe Connect- to register click http://www.infanthearing.org/webinars/2021/discovering-affordable-technology-access-for-families.html

Download the Adobe Connect app.

For Windows: http://www.adobe.com/go/Connectsetup

For Mac: http://www.adobe.com/go/ConnectSetupMac

More download information is found at: https://helpx.adobe.com/adobe-connect/connect-downloads-updates.html

This webinar will be recorded and posted online at www.infanthearing.org about a week after the webinar.

If you have questions about this webinar, please contact Mandy Jay. For technical assistance during the webinar, please contact Daniel Ladner.


Nebraska Hands & Voices is seeking new board members with a passion for our mission of  supporting families that have children who are deaf and hard-of-hearing without a bias toward communication modes or methodologies.  We are looking for parents of children who are deaf/hard-of-hearing, deaf/hard-of-hearing adults, and/or professionals from across the state.  Serving on our board is a great way to directly impact the lives of deaf/hard-of-hearing individuals in Nebraska while keeping our guiding principles of innovation, community, collaboration, and respect in play.  If you have a vision for Nebraska Hands & Voices, or talents to share, please consider applying.  Our application is available at this link: NE H&V Board App.  You can also contact us at mailto:questions@handsandvoicesne.org for more information.