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NE-EHDI Scholarship

Attend the National EHDI Meeting
in Kansas, MO on Scholarship!

The Nebraska Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (NE-EHDI) program wants to send a parent to attend the National EHDI Meeting from March  8-10, 2020 in Kansas City, MO.

NE-EHDI greatly appreciates parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing and hopes to enlist parents’ help with program planning so that the program is focused on being “family-centered,” thereby meeting the needs of children, parents, and families in the most effective manner.

NE-EHDI will pay the costs for one parent to attend the National EHDI Meeting.  To learn more about the National EHDI Meeting go to https://ehdimeeting.org/

The paid costs include

  • mileage from your home to the conference.
    • includes mileage from home to conference if choosing to drive
    • includes mileage from home to airport if choosing to fly
    • flight option includes a shuttle/Uber/Lyft from airport to hotel and from hotel to airport
  • hotel for March 7, if attending an early session on March 8, and for March 8 and 9.
  • meals for March 7 (if leaving on March 7) and March 8-10.
  • meeting registration fee.
  • registration for one session on March 8 that is not included in the registration fee.

EHDI encourages any parent of a child (no age limit) who is deaf or hard of hearing and who has not previously attended the National EHDI Meeting to apply for the scholarship.

Anyone interested should contact Brenda Coufal (brenda.coufal@nebraska.gov).  An application is available to apply for the scholarship and can be accessed here.  The deadline to apply is October 10, 2019. The selected scholarship recipient will be notified by the end of the day on October 11, 2019. 


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