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Amber McLaughlin – Secretary, Parent

My husband, Bryan, and I have 2 daughters: Leah and Emmy.  At age 15 months, we discovered Leah was hard of hearing.  After learning that news, we moved to Omaha, so we would have access to the best services available for Leah.  She uses a hearing aid in her right ear, where she has sensory neural hearing loss.  She has auditory neuropathy in her left ear, so we don’t use a hearing aid at all on that side, and it is treated like a ‘deaf’ ear.  She is mostly auditory-oral, but we supplement with SEE.
We joined Nebraska Hands & Voices so we could learn the ropes from more experienced families.  I’ve been involved in many Hands & Voices activities over the past 5 years, and I’m now happy to serve on the board.  I am a physical therapist and Bryan works for Union Pacific Rail Road.  Leah is in 1st grade and Emmy is 9 months old.