Amy Nejezchleb – President, Parent

Amber McLaughlin is the mother of two daughters, Leah and Emmy.  Leah has sensory neural hearing loss in one ear, and auditory neuropathy in the other ear.  Amber and her family moved to Omaha in 2011, primarily for the excellent services, activities, and resources available for Leah in this area.

Amber has served on the Nebraska Hands and Voices Board for 1.5 years as a parent member, 1.5 years as board secretary, and currently as the board president.  She looks forward to working with families and agencies across the state to help support deaf and hard of hearing children.

Her husband, Bryan, and her joined Nebraska Hands & Voices so that they could learn the ropes from more experienced families.  Amber has been involved in many Hands & Voices activities over the past five years, and she is now happy to serve on the board.