Pam Duncan – Professional

Pamela Duncan is an ASL Interpreter, activist, educator, mentor, and CODA. Pamela hails from a multi-generational Deaf family, from parents who are both profoundly Deaf, each from young ages, along with an older brother who is also Deaf. Through the years, Pamela has gained experience interpreting in multifaceted settings, specializing in Legal, Post-Secondary, and Performance interpreting. She has undergraduate degrees from the University of Nebraska – Omaha in Special Education–Sign Language Interpreting and Religion, and she has earned a Master of Science degree in Urban Studies.  She has served on the boards of NE-Registry of the Deaf, Interpreter Review Board, RID Deaf-Parented Interpreters, and Nebraska Hands & Voices.

Currently, Pamela teaches ASL at Holy Name Grade School and UNO’s ITP program. She also serves as a freelance/IC interpreter and practices in social justice consciousness development.

Her main hobbies include traveling with her husband, and spending time with her family.