Shelli Janning – GBYS Program Coordinator, Parent

My name is Shelli Janning. I have a wonderful husband and two children, Brooke and Jerzie. Brooke is my youngest and is hard of hearing. She currently has a unilateral hearing loss and wears a hearing aid. She has been diagnosed with Mondini and EVA.  Brooke is in the process of receiving a Cochlear Implant; we just need the insurance company to understand the importance of bilateral hearing.  Brooke has been mainstreamed in Blair Community schools with an IEP, and she is very bright and athletic.   Brooke is an amazing advocate for herself; in fact, she loves talking with other parents and kids about her hearing difference.  I was a Services Coordinator with the Early Development Network for 11 years until I decided to devote more time to families who have children who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Since we became aware of Brooke’s hearing, we became more involved with Hands & Voices and other organizations that support families who have children who are deaf or hard of hearing.  I am a Hands & Voices board member and the Program Coordinator with the Hands & Voices Guide by Your Side (GBYS) program, I also serve as a Parent Guide. The other part of my job is to follow up for the Nebraska EHDI program.   I truly understand the importance of networking with other families who are experiencing the same challenges. I enjoy watching my kids play soccer and softball and dapple in the fine arts.