Allison Liras – Parent Guide

allison liras family photo

My name is Allison Liras.  My husband George and I have three wonderful children, twin daughters Alexis and Eleni (age 6), and our son Thomas (age 4).  Alexis and Eleni have moderate sensorineural hearing loss.  They did not pass their hearing screening at birth and began wearing hearing aids at age 4.  We live in rural Bridgeport, Nebraska in the Western part of the state and understand the blessings and challenges that come with being in a rural community and raising children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.  Alexis and Eleni are very involved with various school activities, dance, and summer sports.  They utilize an FM system in the classroom and also have IEPs.  George and I encourage families to get involved with the Nebraska Deaf and Hard of Hearing Regional Programs.  I hope that being a Guide by Your Side Parent Guide will provide support for families in their journey with their deaf or hard-of-hearing children.  I also work as the Director of Human Resources for Dinklage Feed Yard, Inc. in Sidney, Nebraska.