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Angie Clifford – Parent Guide

Angie Clifford photo

My name is Angie Clifford. My husband Chris and I have two children, Samantha 15 and Cale 8.  We live on a farm in rural southeast Nebraska.  Our daughter Samantha is profoundly deaf and received her first Cochlear Implant at the age of 18 months and her second at almost 7 years of age.  She is mainstreamed in a small school where is the only one with a hearing loss.  She is involved in many extracurricular activities including volleyball, basketball, church youth group, regional program and the list go on and on.  We have been fortune to have a great support system for Samantha.  I have served on several committees and boards to support different groups, been on panels for conferences and truly understand the importance of making connections with families that children with a hearing loss.