Cynthia Alvarez – Parent Guide

Alvarez family picture cropped

My name is Cynthia Alvarez, I am a Bilingual Parent Guide who serves the Spanish speaking community.  I have two daughters, the oldest is Yuridia who is 10 years old and the smallest Sophia who is 4 years old.  Sophia has a severe to profound loss in her left ear which is aided with a Cochlear Implant.  She has a mild to severe loss in her right ear and wears a hearing aid. Sophia is oral. My husband, older daughter and myself have learned a little sign language to help communicate with Sophia if needed. If anyone was to meet Sophia you wouldn’t know she has hearing loss, she talks, sings and laughs like any other 4 year old.   I’ve lived in South Omaha for over 10 years.  I am a hair dresser and love my career. In my spare time I enjoy scrapbooking, I took special classes to learn how to be more creative and organized.  I also enjoy helping other families who have a child who is deaf or hard of hearing.