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Jana Wiblishouser – Parent Guide

Hi! My name is Jana Wiblishouser, and my husband and I have three boys and two crazy dogs at home. My eldest two (AJ & Kason) came as a package with my husband, so I was able to get a big head start creating my family. Our youngest, Gaige, came along very soon after. Gaige had to spend a week in the NICU at birth, so we were referred to Boys Town to have an ABR done. At three weeks old, we took him to get his hearing screening, and he was diagnosed as profoundly deaf in both ears. They believe it was due to the antibiotics he was on in the NICU, but we may never know for sure. He was able to get one side implanted and activated just prior to turning one, but the other side had an infection so the cochlear implantation was done a month later. We love watching him make progress and being able to celebrate the little victories. This journey has had a profound effect on our family, made us all closer, and has connected us to many amazing people that we would otherwise never have met.