Janelle Trausch – Parent Guide

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My name is Janelle Trausch. My husband, Dennis and I, live in south central Nebraska near a small town named Roseland.  We have six adult children, ages 32 to 18.  We farm and raise cattle.  I am actively involved with the farm and have the joy of watching our three grandbabies.

Our first encounter in our journey with hearing loss occurred in 1990 when our at the time 3 ½ year old son, Daniel seemed to ignore us, sat close to TV and easily angered.  We were on our third set of tubes and nothing was helping with his chronic ear infections.  After a hearing evaluation was completed locally and subsequent testing at Boys Town it was determined our son had a bilateral sensorineural moderate to severe hearing loss.  At that time those types of losses were not found until a screening which was completed through school around second grade.  Aids were utilized by the time he turned 4 years old.  Two years later on September 2, 1992 our fifth child, Jacob was born.  Mary Lanning Hospital in Hastings had just started the newborn hearing screenings in August of 1992.  Our fifth child was screened and also found to have a hearing loss. He was aided at seven months.  We completed some genetic testing through Boys Town with no absolute results coming of that testing.   Eight years later, in 2000 our daughter Elizabeth was born, eight weeks prematurely.  About a week after she was born a hearing screening was performed.  After a fail, pass, fail scenario we decided to have further testing done on her not knowing if it was something related to the prematurity or indeed a hearing loss. An ABR done locally revealed a mild to moderate hearing loss, bilaterally.   Fast forward many years, many IFSP’s, IEP’s, MDT’s, sets of hearing aides and batteries.   Five of the six kids have college degrees (Elizabeth is a senior in high school) and own their homes.   All participated in high school sports (Jacob played basketball in college), were active in clubs and organizations at school, excelled in 4-H and continue to be active members of the community.

When our hearing impaired children were growing up there were very few resources available to families.  I am grateful for the opportunity provided by Guide by Your Side to help others with their journey.