Jessica Hoss – Outreach Coordinator

jessica H pic

My name is Jessica Hoss, my husband, Jim, and I live in Kearney with our four amazing children. Lydia is 17, Nathan is 16, Christopher is 11, and Bennett is 8. Nathan was born with profound hearing loss and received bi-lateral cochlear implants at 18 months of age. It has been and continues to be the most wonderful journey helping him to navigate his unique identity as a deaf child who “hears.” I am a homeschooling mom to our two younger boys, as a former educator I am passionate about literacy and social skills for D/HH children.  As a family, we enjoy traveling and have set a goal to visit all of the national parks, at least the ones we can reach by car. I am so excited to work with other families who understand the challenges and rewards of parenting deaf and hard of hearing children.