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Kiowa Rogers – Parent Guide

kiowa family pic

My name is Kiowa Rogers. My husband, Robert and I live in Scottsbluff with our three children: Capria, Lee, and Zack. We love the outdoors and family road trips. Our youngest son, Zack, has unilateral deafness. We went through a long journey of many hearing tests before we found out at 22 months that Zack definitely had hearing loss. At 26 months, after an MRI, we learned that the cause of his unilateral deafness is that he has no left auditory nerve. Zack is a fun, energetic little boy who will soon be starting preachool. I am grateful for the support of parents across the state through Hands and Voices, our deaf educators, and the Nebraska Regional Programs for the deaf and hard of hearing. I know that with this solid partnership and support, Zack has a bright future. A great side benefit is that our two children without hearing loss have also learned and benefited from meeting deaf and hard of hearing children and adults through these programs. This has given them a unique understanding and acceptance of hearing loss. I speak English and Spanish.  I am happy to be able to share the support and knowledge that we are receiving with other families in western Nebraska, and I am learning right along with you!