Leslie McCaslin – Parent Guide

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My name is Leslie McCaslin. I am a Parent Guide for the Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side program.  I have been with the organization since August 2013. I am also a school psychologist with Green Hills Area Education Agency in Iowa.  I have three daughters, Anna age 13, Celia age 11, and Ava age 8.  Anna and Ava have mild-to-moderate bilateral sensorineural hearing loss.  Anna’s was discovered at age 4, but we are almost certain it had been present since birth. Ava’s was discovered shortly after she failed her newborn hearing screen. Both girls began wearing hearing aids as soon after their diagnosis as possible. All of my daughters like to sing, dance, and participate in theater. Ava also likes to play softball and volleyball. They are mainstreamed with Elkhorn Schools, and both are served on IEPs. The district provides each of the with an FM system for use at school.