Shelli Janning – Program Coordinator

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My name is Shelli Janning. I have two children, Brooke and Jerzie, Brooke is my youngest and is hard of hearing. She has a unilateral hearing loss and wears a hearing aid.  She is mainstreamed with the Blair Community schools and is on an IEP, she is very bright and athletic.   Brooke is an amazing advocate for herself.  I was a Services Coordinator with the Early Development Network for 11 years until I decided to spend more time at home with my children.  Since we became aware of Brooke’s hearing we became more involved with Hands & Voices and other organizations that support families who have children who are deaf or hard of hearing.  I am a Hands & Voices board member.  I am the Program Coordinator with the Hands & Voices Guide by Your Side program, I also serve as a Parent Guide.  I truly understand the importance of networking with other families who are experiencing the same challenges. I enjoy watching my kids play soccer and softball.