July 2019

Emersyn Stithem (2nd grade, Lincoln, NE)

Emersyn’s deaf educator, Alyse Kreidjl, at Kloefkorn Elementary School nominated her for the award, writing the following about her attributes:

I nominate Emersyn Stithem for the Rising Star award. Emersyn is a second grader at Kloefkorn Elementary School in Lincoln, Nebraska. Emersyn is always positive and lifts up those around her with her infectious smile and laugh. She is a great leader for students in her class, doing her best to participate and be an active learner. She volunteers to help teachers and students, and she is kind to everyone she meets. Emersyn is a huge advocate for herself at school, making sure she has access to what her teachers and classmates are saying. She is responsible for her equipment, doing all she can to troubleshoot if problems arise. She is inquisitive and eager to learn more about her hearing loss, her equipment, and how everything works. Emersyn created personal goals for herself to learn the names of all the parts of her cochlear implants and her personal sound system. One assignment Emersyn recently completed was for students to identify the best part of themselves. Emersyn said, “My cochlear implants are the best part of me because my cochlear implants allow me to hear.”

Congratulations, Emersyn, and best of luck in your future endeavors! You are a shining example to us all with your strength of will and compassion toward others!