May 2019

Kade Stauffer (5th Grade, Lincoln, NE)

Kade’s teacher at Cavett Elementary School nominated him for the award, writing the following about his attributes:

I nominate Kade Stauffer for the Hands and Voices Rising Star Award.  Kade is a 5th grader at Cavett Elementary School in Lincoln. Kade has worked hard and put forth great effort this year to make great academic strides.  Kade also has grown in his self-confidence and self-advocacy skills. He is knowledgeable about his hearing loss, the parts of the ear, and also how his hearing aids work.  Kade is a friend to everyone and loved by all his classmates. Kade also plays in the band at his school. He has a love for sports and knows many facts about sports.

Congratulations Kade on your hard work and achievements! Thank you for being such a wonderful example for others!