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Becca Vach

Becca Vach, Parent Guide

"When we first received our son's diagnosis we felt completely alone and uncertain of which path to take. We did our best to make decisions on our own but each choice we made weighed heavily on our hearts. Since joining Hands & Voices we have received a tremendous amount of support, a listening ear when our path seemed so uncertain, and have been able to see our son engage in ways he typically does not at events offered by the organization. We will forever be grateful for H&V and all the support they have provided us!"

Gen Weiss

Gen Weiss, Teacher of the deaf

"As a professional, I love being part of Hands & Voices because when families connect with other families and with deaf and hard of hearing adults, great things happen!"

Tatum Munhall

Tatum Munhall, Parent

"Hands & Voices has benefited my family and I in so many different ways. Soon after we received Laramie's diagnosis of profound deafness, Hands and Voices showed us that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. We quickly realized that although the journey with our second child wouldn't be what we thought, it was going to be just as fun and we and our daughter would be just fine. Hands and Voices has given us encouragement, love and support that is irreplaceable."

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