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Meet the Board



Jennifer Zysset

Feb 6, 2023

Every month NE Hands and Voices highlights a member of our Board

This month we are featuring Erin Dunn!

Location: Lincoln, NE

Occupation: I stay home full time and serve as a Parent Guide with Hands & Voices

Role on the Board: Parent

Why I am involved: I have two children. Liam is 6 and has typical hearing. Ensley is 3 and has bilateral hearing loss at the mild to moderate range. She has used hearing aids since the age of 4 months. Ensley is in mainstream preschool right now and so far, she loves it! My why is my daughter, and seeing how important it is for her and myself to connect with other families like ours; other families who “get it”. My passion since having Ensley is to be connected and to help other families feel supported along their journey.

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