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Meet the Board: Jennifer Racine



Jennifer Zysset

Apr 4, 2022

Every month NE Hands and Voices highlights a member of our Board

This month we are featuring Jennifer Racine:

Location: I live in Omaha with my husband and two teenage sons

Occupation: Lawyer in financial and technology services

Role on the Board: Parent of a child who is deaf, Interim President

Why I am involved: I became involved with Nebraska Hands and Voices when my son was four and we had just moved to Nebraska -12 years ago! Nebraska Hands and Voices had recently started hosting birth to five playdates where I first connected with other parents of children with hearing differences. I found that connection to be so valuable that I was inspired to get more involved, both for the benefit of my family and to help other families discover the value of parent to parent support. I have joined the board in 2010 and I've been involved with Nebraska Hands and Voices in various roles since then.

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