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Adanijah Gonzales

January 2019

Congratulations to Adanijah Gonzales, our January 2019 Rising Star!

Adanijah was nominated for this award by one of her teachers who wrote the following:

"I would like to nominate Adanijah Gonzales as the rising star for Nebraska Hands and Voices. Adanijah is a phenomenal leader, always going out of her way to help other students. She is a role model for all students in the Nebraska Regional Programs. She takes time to connect with younger students at activities, takes a leadership role during bus and van travel, and younger students are always excited to see her. Adanijah helped plan and lead a club for last year’s Camp Anderson, and she is already collecting ideas for the coming year’s camp. She is a two-year Academic Bowl Team member for Nebraska West and has been an active participant in the Nebraska Regional Programs for over seven years. As a sophomore, she is already planning for college, has researched programs, and knows how to finish her high school career to set her on the path to being a Crime Scene Investigator. She is a focused student and participates in many clubs at Scottsbluff High School. She founded her school’s American Sign Language club and has led it since middle school. Adanijah always has a smile on her face and spreads laughter and positivity wherever she goes. She can see when someone is having a rough day, and she takes time to connect with them and cheer them up. An all around awesome young lady, I believe Adanijah is very deserving of this award. The staff at Scottsbluff and her family are all very proud of her and know her future will be fantastic."

Congratulations, Adanijah, and thank you for being such an amazing example to others!

Adanijah Gonzales
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