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Morgan Hansen-Richmond

March 2022

Congratulations to Morgan Hansen-Richmond, our March 2022 Rising Star!

Morgan was nominated by Olivia Versaw:

"It is my pleasure to recommend Morgan Hansen-Richmond, a second grader in Lincoln Public Schools, for the Rising Star award. Morgan is an independent, academic, and motivated student who loves to work hard and learn as much as she can. Morgan is diagnosed with a bilateral mild to moderate hearing loss and takes such great pride in her hearing loss and her hearing aids. She loves to show off her sparkly molds to anyone who will admire them! She is independent and consistent with the wear and usage of both her hearing aids and her FM. As she matures, her self-advocacy skills grow with her, and her ability to manipulate and explore her hearing technology is incredible! Recently, Morgan has become Dr. Morgan, classroom audiologist, and, with a friend, administers her own Ling 6 listening checks on a consistent, weekly basis. She enjoys tracking the patterns and changes associated with this, and has so many incredible questions related to every area of hearing and hearing loss. Anyone who knows Morgan knows how responsible and kind she is, and it is my pleasure to be one of her teachers and see her growth."

Morgan Hansen-Richmond
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