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Parent Guide Spotlight: Carli Fluent



Jennifer Zysset

Jan 1, 2024

Every month NE Hands and Voices highlights a Guide by Your Side Parent Guide

This month we are featuring Carli Fluent:

Introduction: Hi! My name is Carli Fluent. My Husband, Taylor, and I have two sons. Sullivan is 4 and Maverick is 2! We live in Lincoln and while I now primarily stay home with my boys, I also am a hairstylist a few days a week. I became involved with Hands and Voices when my youngest son Maverick was born. He has moderate bi-lateral hearing loss and wears hearing aids.

Role with Hands & Voices: I am a Parent Guide

Why I am involved: The reason for wanting to be involved with the GBYS program is that when we got Mav’s initial diagnosis we felt so alone and overwhelmed. We didn’t have other friends that had walked through this journey and felt like we were drowning with every appointment with information being heaped on top of us. As I got involved- my guide (and now great friend) understood all of my worries, questions, fears, ect. And man, that was such a lifeline! Community is everything, and I hope to help cultivate that for new moms. And show them all the beauty that also comes with an unknown diagnosis!

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