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Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Members of the Community

Members of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community strive to promote strong family relationships by focusing on natural language acquisition, strengthening communication and allowing deaf/hard of hearing children early access to actively participate in their environment as they develop healthy identities.

Coming Soon!

Deaf Mentor Program

The Nebraska Association of the Deaf (NEAD) is preparing to launch a Deaf Mentor Program. NEAD's mission for the program is to provide families with D/HH children an opportunity to meet with enthusiastic, dedicated, caring and trained D/HH adult role models that share their life experiences with the families, introduce them to Deaf culture, strengthen language acquisition, enhance communication opportunities, and promote healthy identities - all with the goal of maximizing each child’s full potential. The program will collaborate with community-based and parent organizations to provide social and mentoring opportunities to families and their D/HH child(ren) as early as possible, ideally before nine months of age. The program will be overseen by an advisory committee composed of D/HH adults, parents, and professionals who work with D/HH children.

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NE H&V is excited to refer families to the Deaf Mentor Program once it's up and running!

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Interviews with D/HH Individuals

Shelli Janning, GBYS Coordinator interviews individuals in the D/HH community who share their experiences and perspectives.

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