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Zach High

About Me: 

I’m Zach High.  I live in Aurora, NE. I have bilateral hearing loss and I wear two hearing aids.  I communicate through oral language (spoken language) and am learning sign language. 


In school I was the only student with a hearing loss.  Somedays it seemed different as I was the only one with a hearing loss.  I really didn't have a bad experience being mainstreamed, everyone was accommodating to my needs and very helpful.  One thing my friends always said is I don't even know you have a hearing loss, we kind of forget.  Which is good, but when you are struggling there was no one else to talk to.

Work Experiences: 

I am currently a TOD employed by ESU9.  This is my first year, and I am super excited to help other students that have a hearing loss like I did.  This allows me to share my experiences, but also help them navigate their world and help them be successful in their environments.  This has been my favorite job, and as I look longterm it will be my forever job!

Hobbies and Interests: 

My hobbies are hanging out with my 3 beautiful daughters.  I also enjoy running, so that includes half marathons, 5k's and 10ks.  I really enjoy fishing as well.


I grew up the only one with hearing loss in my family due to complications with my twin at birth.  I have a beautiful wife named Kylie and 3 beautiful daughters: Vivian, Macie and Charlotte.


I would say the biggest thing for parents for young children is to be an advocate for your child.  I would say my biggest regret as an adult now is not being exposed to sign language at an early age so now as an adult I am trying to learn that and it's been a challenge.  I would also encourage you to find a support group and have your children involved in the different activities that are offered through the state DHH programs.  They are wonderful and children get to meet others just like them!

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