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Jared Bessmer

About Me

I am from Osmond, Nebraska. I have bilateral profound hearing loss/deafness. I wear bilateral cochlear implants. Verbal communication is my primary mode of communication, however, I can also communicate utilizing sign language.


I attended Osmond Community Schools K-12 grade. Afterward, I attended Northeast Community College in Norfolk. Both places went the extra mile in ensuring I had the resources and/or accommodations I needed to be successful personally and professionally.

Work Experiences

I have experience working in a grocery store, lawncare, security, truck driver, EMT, and now working as a nurse. Favorite job this far has been a tie between working as an EMT and as an intensive care nurse. I enjoy taking care of patients in a critical or emergent atmosphere, as well as driving an ambulance. Each job has had its own challenges when it comes to using my auditory sense. Working as a nurse has been the far most difficult as it can be easy to misinterpret what providers, patients, or other coworkers are saying in times of chaos.

Hobbies and Interests

In my free time I enjoy camping, boating, biking, and driving throughout Nebraska and other states.


Looking at both sides of my parents' families, I am the only one that is deaf and wears cochlear implants. I was also the only individual with deafness in my school and town as a whole. Currently, as a 21-year-old, I do not have any children but am engaged. I am thankful for my parents and fiancé (all hearing) for helping me guide through the obstacles of life.


Find what works best for you. Each person has their own difficulties and there isn't one accommodation that solves everybody's problem. Some days may be more difficult than others. While every day may seem hard, you'll be getting mentally stronger every day. Think positively and utilize your resources!


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