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Vali Hitz

"It has always been my passion to develop and enhance the Deaf community for those kids alongside their parents, caregivers, and guardians. I also enjoy meeting kids’ friends and family who want to learn ASL."

About Me

Hi! I'm Vali Hitz. I am from Texas. I am Deaf, and I communicate through American Sign Language (ASL).


I attended Texas School for the Deaf and California School for the Deaf, as well as Fremont and I loved each one.

Work Experiences

I have worked with D/HH students for over 15 years at mainstream schools, and a variety of events and camps. I have also taught ASL classes to various ages. Currently I work to help people with cleaning their homes.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy walking, hiking, and doing crafts


I am a 3rd generation of Deaf family and I married a Deaf man. We have 2 CODA (Children of Deaf Adults).


Be proud and let their children have a strong pride identity as Deaf. I always encourage families to learn ASL.

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