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Parent Guide Spotlight: Christy Davis



Jennifer Zysset

Dec 1, 2023

Every month NE Hands and Voices highlights a Guide by Your Side Parent Guide

This month we are featuring Christy Davis:

Introduction: Hello! My name is Christy Davis. I have 9 year old twins; Bria and Braylen. We live in Bellevue. I’m a 3rd grade teacher with Omaha Public Schools. My son, Braylen, has a unilateral hearing loss. He wears a CROS at school. We are so happy to be apart of the Guide By Your Side family.

Role with Hands & Voices: I am a parent guide and ASTRA advocate.

Why I am involved: The reason I am involved with GBYS is because I remember be so overwhelmed when we first got Braylen’s diagnosis. I had an amazing parent guide who listened with no judgement. She understood what I was going through and listened. I knew I had to give back.

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