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Parent Guide Spotlight: Kelsey Maas



Jennifer Zysset

Apr 1, 2024

Every month NE Hands and Voices highlights a Guide by Your Side Parent Guide

This month we are featuring Kelsey Maas:

Introduction: My name is Kelsey Maas. I am originally from central Nebraska and now live in Blair and I work as a Recruiter at our local hospital. My husband and I have two daughters, Kate and Ada. Kate is 5 years old and has right side Microtia and Atresia, which includes unilateral hearing loss. She wears a BAHA hearing aid on a soft band.

Role with Hands & Voices: I am a Parent Guide and member of the board for NE Hands and Voices

Why I am involved: I am passionate about continuing to learn more and helping other new parents navigate and embrace hearing differences.

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