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Nebraska Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (EHDI)

About this Resource

The Nebraska Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program develops, promotes, and supports systems to ensure all newborns in Nebraska receive hearing screenings, family-centered evaluations, and early intervention as appropriate.

Why is Newborn Hearing Screening important?
Approximately one to three babies out of 1,000 will be born deaf or hard of hearing. Most are born to parents with normal hearing. Parents of babies born deaf or hard of hearing often have many questions and want information about how to help their baby.

The Nebraska Infant Hearing Act has set the goal of having every baby's hearing screened during birth admission. If your baby does not pass this screening, another hearing screening prior to one month of age is recommended. Babies start to learn speech and language very early. If childhood deafness is not detected early, a baby will miss a very critical period for speech and language development. It is important for you to know exactly what your child can hear.

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