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Roots & Wings Parent Weekend

About this Resource

"The two greatest gifts you can give your child are roots and wings."

Each year, Boys Town National Research Hospital provides a weekend workshop for Nebraska families with children who have recently been identified as Deaf or Hard of Hearing. The goal of this workshop is to offer an opportunity for families to learn about hearing loss, network with others, explore ways to support their children's development and learn about educational advocacy. Roots & Wings is founded on the following guiding principles:

•Respect the child who is deaf or hard of hearing as an individual whose unique nature, strengths and
learning style are to be celebrated.
•Honor each family's unique beliefs, traditions and strengths, as it is the family's right to incorporate
these values into their decisions for their child.
•Empower the family by providing unbiased and up-to-date information to support the promotion of
optimal social, emotional, communicative and educational development in their child.

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