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Parent Guide Spotlight: Gabby Meza



Jennifer Zysset

Nov 1, 2023

Every month NE Hands and Voices highlights a Guide by Your Side Parent Guide

This month we are featuring Gabby Meza:

Location: I'm Gabby Meza and live with my family in Omaha, Nebraska. I work in the school my son attends, where I work with elementary students who are DHH.

Role on the Board: I am a Spanish Parent Guide with Nebraska Hands & Voices, and I am also a member of the Hands & Voices Advisory Council for Latino Family Support

Why I am involved: My why when I first became a parent guide was that of a selfish nature. I felt like as a parent guide, I could immerse myself into learning about resources available for my son whilst helping other families at the same time. My why now is much different. I know have a substantial awareness of the needs of our Spanish speaking population with DHH children, and recognize the work needed in order to help our families in their journey.

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