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Deaf Mentor Program

About this Resource

Deaf Role Models are deaf or hard of hearing adults who are role models to children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families. Deaf Role Models help increase a family's ability to successfully communicate with their deaf or hard of hearing child. They increase parent's appreciation for and understanding of American Sign Language (ASL) as well as other forms of communication, Deaf Culture, and the Deaf Community. Deaf Mentors assist in supporting the child's language development, communication, and self-identity through interaction with a deaf adult. The Deaf Mentor Program aims to provide families with Deaf/Hard of Hearing children an opportunity to meet with enthusiastic, dedicated, caring, and trained Deaf/Hard of hearing adult role models that share their life experiences with the families, to Deaf culture, strengthen language acquisition, enhance communication opportunities, and promote healthy identities to maximize their child’s full potential.

Through a collaborative program with community-based and parent organizations, we provide social and mentoring opportunities to families with their Deaf/Hard of Hearing child(ren) before nine months. The program will be overseen by the advisory committee that is deaf/hard of hearing adults, parents, and professionals working with deaf and hard of hearing children.

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