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Arli Perez

August 2021

Congratulations to Arli Perez, our July 2021 Rising Star!

Arli was nominated by Cassie Krings:

"It is my pleasure to nominate Arli Perez for the Rising Star Award. Arli is currently a student at Schuyler Middle School. She was fitted with bilateral hearing aids in 5th grade. While this was a tough age to receive her hearing aids, she overcame the difficulties this brought with it and currently can complete all the care needed independently, and uses them daily. Arli has worked hard to increase her grades, and has expanded her vocabulary immensely! Arli speaks Spanish at home with her family, and never gets tired of sharing “new" Spanish words with her TOD! Okay, maybe a little :). Arli helps take care of her 3 younger sisters at home when she is not in school. She has worked hard to develop her reading and speaking skills in school. Arli is a respectful, mature young girl who dreams of being a teacher one day. Arli has made remarkable progress not only with her grades and language development, but also has created lasting relationships with peers and teachers around her. For this reason, I feel Arli is very deserving of the rising star award."

Arli Perez
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