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Brooke Janning

November 2018

Congratulations to Brooke Janning, Nebraska Hands & Voices very first Rising Star!

Brooke was nominated by her mother Shelli Janning, who had the following to say:

"At the age of twelve, Brooke has displayed some strong advocacy skills. Brooke enjoys sitting on Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH) panels and educating parents and D/HH students about the importance of self advocacy and empowerment. Brooke is actively involved in her IEP, and she completed a PowerPoint for her educational team, which explained her feelings, strengths, concerns, and what has worked well for her. She also explained her audiogram along with other things that were beneficial to her educational team. This presentation generated a lot of conversation and has set her up for a successful school year. Brooke has also presented her PowerPoint in workshops and to others who have shown interest. This has been very empowering for her as well as educational for others. Brooke does very well academically and in sports. Brooke is on a competitive fast-pitch softball team and advocates for herself. Prior to every game, she talks with the umpire about her hearing. Although she does struggle at times, she is a very positive child and is proud of her difference. Brooke is in choir and enjoys strength training, softball, and hunting with her dad and grandfather. Brooke is a strong advocate for others who have various differences. A parent could not ask for anything more. I am very proud of her, and can proudly say, she has impacted many lives, both children and adults."

Brooke Janning
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