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Chloe Brauer

December 2023

Congratulations to Chloe Brauer, our December 2023 Rising Star!

Chloe was nominated by Lisa Richardson, who had the following to say:

"True advocacy comes from kids with hearing loss helping other kids with hearing loss. Chloe Brauer did just that. When a younger student came into the district with a hearing aid and needed a mentor, Chloe was willing to help out. Chloe helped this younger student adjust to her personal microphone system. The Roger touchscreen is a personal microphone that is being used by three students who have hearing loss in Chloe’s district. Chloe became the expert and demonstrated confidence in using her touchscreen in her classroom settings. This helped the younger student to understand the importance of decreasing background noise and hearing the teacher better with the use of the touchscreen microphone. The two students worked on a poster together which was presented to the younger students’ classroom. Chloe answered questions during the presentation and helped explain the importance of hearing accessibility for students who have hearing loss. I am proud to nominate Chloe Brauer as the Guide By Your Side Rising Star."

Chloe Brauer
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