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Iris Wilson

February 2022

Congratulations to Iris Wilson, our February 2022 Rising Star!

Iris was nominated by Olivia Versaw:

"I am so excited to nominate 6th grader Iris Wilson, who resides in Lincoln Public Schools, for the Rising Star award. Iris has a unilateral moderate hearing loss in her right ear, and one of her favorite things to learn is the anatomy of the ear and how hearing works. She works hard in all areas and has been practicing independent self-advocacy skills, which she has become an absolute star in using! She loves to fill out diagrams of ear anatomy and teach those around her how to use her FM system and the parts and functions of the ear! Anyone who has the pleasure of working with Iris knows her as a genuine, funny, and kind student who gets along with anyone of any age, disability, and status around her. Iris’s sense of humor, thirst for knowledge, work ethic, and eagerness to learn has led to her making incredible progress towards her goals in self-advocacy, and I am beyond grateful to be working with her!"

Iris Wilson
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