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Jared Bessmer

June 2019

Congratulations to Jared Bessmer, the June 2019 Rising Star!

Jared’s nomination came to our attention through one of his educators who wrote the following:

"I would like to nominate Jared Bessmer for the Rising Star Award. Jared is a senior at Osmond Community Schools. Jared is going to college next year to become an EMT and eventually, a flight medic. Jared has always been an optimistic and caring person. He is always helping other people, which has led to his career choice to become an EMT. He works hard and never gives up. Jared is highly involved in his community and his school. Therefore, I believe he deserves a Rising Star Award for his constant dedication to others."

Congratulations, Jared and best of luck in your future endeavors! You are a shining example to us all with your strength of will and compassion toward others!

Jared Bessmer
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