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Jase Test

July 2021

Congratulations to Jase Test, our July 2021 Rising Star!

Jase was nominated by Karla Knight, who wrote the following:

"I am honored to nominate a young man by the name of Jase Test as a Rising Star! This amazing young man is an 8th grader at Norfolk Junior High School, and I've had the pleasure of getting to know him over the course of the last 2 years as his Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing. Jase is mature beyond his years. He takes care of his FM system, and anytime something is not working with that system, he doesn't hesitate to get in touch with me because he realizes the importance of that technology to his success in school. He is an exemplary student - currently holding straight A's in all of his classes, with many of his core classes being at the 100% mark!! He was named January Student of the Month for Team 3 at the Junior High School, which recognizes character, responsibility, integrity, respect...all of which represent Jase. His teachers often say it is so refreshing for a student to ask how THEIR day has been - that's Jase. He is a caring, articulate, and delightful young man who has aspirations of being an engineer one day. I'm beyond excited to watch the impact Jase will have on our world. The sky is the limit!!!"

Jase Test
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