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Jayleigha Burson

September 2023

Congratulations to Jayleigha Burson, our September 2023 Rising Star!

Jayleigha was nominated by Carre Klein, who had the following to say:

"I would like to nominate my 3rd grade student, Jayleigha Burson, from O’Neill elementary school. She has learned to clean her own hearing aids, completes the 10 LMH (Ling, Maddell, Hewitt) daily sound check, knows her hearing aid parts, can tell you how long to wait after you take off the sticker of the battery for longer battery life = 4-5 minutes, and knows the size of battery her hearing aid uses. She can tell you the type of hearing aids she uses and what kind is her level of hearing difference.  She also self-advocated to be able to wear her hearing aids outside so she could hear her friends and has been very responsible with them outside. She is eager to attend the deaf ed activities and enjoys being around other students with hearing differences. She is a rising star and worthy of this award."

Jayleigha Burson
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