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Jeff Spier

November 2021

Congratulations to Jeff Spier our November 2021 Rising Star!

Jett was nominated by Cassie Krings:

"It is my pleasure to nominate Jett Spier for the Rising Star Award. Jett is currently a junior at Humphrey Public Schools. Jett is a straight A student in high school here. He has worked extremely hard for this recognition, and continues to push himself past barriers that pop up such as the mask requirement during the pandemic. Jett has a profound unilateral hearing loss, that was progressive from birth. This has not stopped Jett from success in the classroom, and on the court. Jett is the starting point guard on the 2021 D1 Basketball State Championship team at Humphrey Public. Jett openly shares about his hearing loss to his teammates, and coaches, as well as how they can best communicate with him on the court, in a huddle or just hanging out. Jett is a mature, respectful high school student that has proved time and time again that his hearing loss will not stop him from accomplishing his goals."

Jeff Spier
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