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Lindsey Jelinek

January 2020

Congratulations to Lindsey Jelinek, the January 2020 Rising Star!

Lindsey was nominated by Carre Klein, who submitted the following:

"I would like to nominate my student, Lindsey Jelinek for the Rising Star award. Lindsey is a senior at West Holt and has shown her town that being deaf is not a barrier, but an opportunity. She has taught sign classes to other classes and students in her town, has been inservicing her teachers since the 8th grade, and has also been presenting her IEP via PowerPoint the past seven years. Lindsey is involved in many extracurricular sport/activities, is taking dual credit classes, and has been on the honor roll throughout her high school career. Lindsey has also participated in the Academic Bowl through the Nebraska Regional Programs. She is the only student that uses a sign language interpreter in her school, therefore there have been many opportunities to teach others how best to support the interpreter. She truly has achieved whatever she set her mind to do. So proud of her!"

Lindsey Jelinek
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