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Mileigh Krebs

June 2022

Congratulations to Mileigh Krebs, our June 2022 Rising Star!

Mileigh was nominated by Chad Bell and Mandy Plog:

"Mileigh is just like any 8th grader. She loves to read, play the piano and loves to sing and dance. She received her first dance trophy when she was eight and continues to participate in the Stars of Tomorrow talent show. With some guidance, she’s always open to new things, even trying the miter saw in shop class!

Recently, Mileigh participated as a panelist at the Hands and Voices Mom’s Night Inn in Scottsbluff. She willingly answered questions asked by the moms in the audience and was a great representative of her school district and her family. Mileigh shared her experiences growing up as a student who is deaf/blind in western Nebraska. She shared about her hearing aids and FM system. She also described how through different technology, like her Braille Note (a tablet just as smart as a computer, but with only eight keys) she completes her assignments in braille and emails them to her teachers, who receive the answers in regular text. She began learning braille as soon as she could pound the keys on the manual brailler, around 2-3 years old."

Mileigh Krebs
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