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Riley Salak

January 2021

Congratulations to Riley Salak, our January 2021 Rising Star!

Riley was nominated by Emily Delp:

"I would like to nominate Riley Salak. He is an amazing student and a wonderful mentor. Riley is a 9th grader attending Columbus High School. Riley has always been independent, not only with her hearing aids, but his personal DM system. He advocates with his teachers regarding his accommodations and classroom needs. I was awe-inspired by him taking charge of his class schedule this fall and communicating with his teachers about his system which was all done independently. This was a new school for Riley with new staff and he found out what worked best for him and communicated that to his team members. Riley has come a long way since preschool (nonverbal) and it is just amazing what successes he has achieved throughout the years. Riley is very deserving of this nomination."

Riley Salak
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