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Tiana Ertan

April 2023

Congratulations to Tiana Ertan, our April 2023 Rising Star!

Tiana was nominated by Lesley Larive, Leigh Voruz, Beverly King-Grieve, Alison Winkler, and Matthew Coolon, who said the following:

"She is a role model for her peers. She always works hard in speech class and despite going since a young age, she never complains about drills and is motivated for each session. She has the best smile, and her laugh is infectious. She is so proud of who she is and her happiness and love is shared with everyone around her. She's amazing about advocating for herself and asking for help when she needs it, and she is always willing to try new things. She is also a good artist! I am so proud of her for always being her best! Tiana has all high grades, tried out for two sports teams, is involved with clubs and can always be found with a smile. She is kind to others, respectful to adults, and follows classroom and school rules. When it comes to self-advocating, Tiana is a role model! All school year, Tiana has shown her strengths as a student and persevered through the many difficulties of middle school, all the while treating others with kindness on a daily basis."

Tiana Ertan
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