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Angela Vapenik

Co-Vice President, Parent Representative

Angela lives in Grant, Nebraska with her husband, Dave, and her two boys, Axel (8) and Cruz (6). Angela got involved with the Hands & Voices board so she could connect with knowledgeable and experienced moms and professionals who she could learn from and so she could increase her network of families with children who are deaf/hh. Her goal is to be able to support an organization that has been so supportive of her family through her son's hearing loss journey. The Guide By Your Side program and family gatherings that H & V organizes have given her family opportunities they wouldn't have had otherwise.

Angela encourages other parents to be fierce advocates for their deaf/hh child. Early on in her son's journey, she held back some concerns and requests in fear of offending others or causing extra work for teachers/staff. But, she realized that as a parent, it is her job to advocate for her child without hesitation and to set an example to show them not to be afraid to advocate for themselves.

Angela enjoys any event that gets deaf/hh hearing kids in the same room. Living in a rural community, her family isn't around other young children with hearing loss. Angela says that she feels the events that Hands & Voices and other organizations put on are crucial so her son can make connections with other kids who are deaf/hh. She is hoping that her involvement with Nebraska Hands & Voices will bring more representation and events to the western part of Nebraska.

Angela Vapenik
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