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Jessica Hoss

GBYS Outreach Coordinator, Parent Representative

Jessica and her husband, Jim live in Kearney with their four amazing children: Lydia, Nathan, Christopher, and Bennett. Nathan was born profoundly deaf and uses bi-lateral cochlear implants. He uses spoken language with limited ASL support. Helping him to navigate his unique identity as a deaf person who "hears" has been and continues to be the most wonderful journey. Jessica is a homeschooling mom to her two younger boys, as well as a Parent Guide, Outreach Coordinator, and board member for Nebraska Hands and Voices. She is passionate about literacy and social skills for D/HOH children and empowering parents to support these skills at home. She loves working with families and helping them to find the resources that they need to help their children achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Jessica Hoss
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