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Kim Widner

Co-Vice President, CMV Community Alliance Chair, Parent Representative

"I am excited to be a member of Nebraska Hands & Voices and meet other D/HH kids and families in Nebraska!"

Kim lives in Bellevue, Nebraska with her husband, Adam and their children, Rylee (9) and Bailey (6). Bailey, has single sided deafness, caused by Congenital CMV and uses a cochlear implant. In addition to serving on the Nebraska Hands & Voices board, Kim also serves as the National CMV Foundation’s Nebraska CMV Community Alliance Chair. Kim and her family are very passionate about raising awareness regarding CMV within Nebraska. Kim played a pivotal role in the passing of LB-741, the bill that requires Nebraska’s Health and Human Services agency to develop and disseminate educational materials to birthing centers and obstetricians, helping to inform new and would-be parents about the risks of CMV and how to prevent it as well as steps that can be taken if a baby is born with CMV.

Kim Widner
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