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Pamela Duncan

ASL Interpreter

"I hope that through my interpreting and advocacy, I inspire Hearing people to remove barriers that prevent Deaf people from achieving their dreams! I have been involved with Nebraska Hands and Voices for a very long time and I appreciate all of the support they offer families as they navigate this new family journey."

Pamela and her husband, Kenton, are native to the city of Omaha. They currently enjoy spending time with their grandchildren and their dog, Taz. She is a member of a large, 6 generational Deaf family, and is one of the few members of this family that can hear. Pamela’s native use of ASL set her on a journey of life-long advocacy for ACCESS to communication. She has served as an ASL/English interpreter her entire life, creating it into a profession, and has been a Nationally Certified Interpreter since 2009. Pamela is a community -based, freelance interpreter, however, her true passion is interpreting in Legal settings and in Performing arts.

“We have our own culture, our own community. A lot of people don’t realize that. They just assume that deaf people are very unfortunate, very disabled, but No.”

-Nyle Dimarco

Pamela Duncan
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