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Shelli Janning

GBYS Program Coordinator, Parent Representative

"I truly understand how powerful the parent-to-parent connection can be."

Shelli Janning is the Guide by Your Side Program Coordinator (NE H&V GBYS). She is also a Community Outreach Coordinator for the Nebraska Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) program. Shelli holds a Masters in Human Services and worked as a Services Coordinator for 11 years with ESU3 prior to becoming the GBYS coordinator.

Shelli is married and has two children, Jerzie, is a freshman in college, and Brooke is a Sophomore at Blair High School. Shelli and her husband enjoy spending their time at the softball field and chasing their kids' dreams.

Brooke was born with a Unilateral Hearing Loss (UHL). Brooke is diagnosed with Mondini, which means her cochleas did not form properly. Her hearing loss has been progressive. Brooke was identified at 19 months old. She wore a hearing aid from when she was about 20 months of age until she was 11. Brooke had a catscan at 9, which showed she had Mondini. Due to her playing in sports and her rough nature, her hearing continued to decline and eventually became profound in her right ear. At that point she was a candidate for a Cochlear Implant. Brooke was approved for and received a Cochlear Implant when she was 13. Brooke is on an IEP and is mainstreamed in the local school district. Brooke is very smart, witty and athletic. Shelli defines her as very strong willed and hopes this will serve her well in life. Shelli feels she and Brooke have learned so much from each other. For the last year Brooke has chosen not to wear her Cochlear Implant. This was a very difficult decision for them. They met with several people and had a lot of long discussions. Due to some other factors, it just did not work for Brooke. Shelli does not regret doing the implant, she just wishes the outcome would have worked for Brooke.

The path they have been on has really made Shelli fully understand the H&V motto - “What works for your child is what makes the choice right."­ ™

Shelli Janning
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